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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  January 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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care. >> i am very pleased that i have medical colleagues this high of caliber that i am able to collaborate with and do things like this. it's wonderful. >> in colorado springs, fox news. >> the news keeps coming. brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. >> the news edge continuing to follow breaking news out of iowa. mitt romney, rick santorum and ron paul all watching in intense three-way battle in iowa's republican caucuses. here are the latest numbers. 59% of the precincts reporting. 34% rick santorum. 22% ron paul. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has been watching closely. >> it doesn't get any tighter than this. throughout this campaign, mitt romney's biggest opponent seems to be republican's receptions of mitt romney. other candidates have risen up to the field of front runner only to have romney take that
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back. tonight in iowa, that role seems to be occupied by former republican senator, rick santorum. for the last several days, santorum has been showing momentum and steadily increasing in the poll and that is showing tonight so far in the results out of iowa. this all got started around 8:00 our time as groups of iowan voters gathered in small meeting halls throughout its 99 counties. but you know what? iowa is still buzzing about tonight is newt gingrich calling mitt romney a liar. gingrich is angry with romney over negative ads that are aimed at him and said that romney is lying when he claims he had nothing to do with them. >> character rise mitt romney as a liar. >> do you still believe he is a liar? >> sure. >> why do you feel that way? >> because he doesn't tell the truth. >> they want me to win and
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under the law, they can establish these and run ads. one thing i can't do is coordinate with them what they run an ads. >> the thing is, mitt romney came into iowa tonight knowing that he had a commanding lead in the new hampshire primary which will be held next week. it would have been a big momentum push to be able to walk into new hampshire having the iowa caucuses in his back pocket, but as we are seeing these results tonight, lesser extent, ron paul seems to be standing in his way. >> mike huckabee won the iowa caucuses and that didn't get him very far. how important overall is iowa in the long run? >> in the grand scheme of things, brian, not much electorally. mitt romney is trying to establish himself here as the, you know, foregone conclusion as the republican nominee. iowa is a very small number of voters. we're talking about 140,000 people tonight are going out to
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those polls. rick santorum to bubble up in this way, it fits in with what we know about iowa with the surprise finishes. but it didn't help mitt romney tonight to go to new hampshire next week and not have this victory that he wants. >> all this talk to find out what iowa is all about. tom fitzgerald tonight. while the republican candidates are battling it out. president obama was reaching out to democrats in iowa tonight. held a video conference with supporters. >> across the board, you have made a difference. but we all know we have more work we have to do. although we passed healthcare reform, we passed wall street reform. there are a lot of forces that want to push back against it and undue some of those changes. >> president obama won the iowa caucuses when he was a democratic presidential candidate four years ago. our election coverage continues on we have the results from iowa coming in live. click on the politics under the news tab. the other big story, chaos
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inside of va hospital. police say an angry man on drugs stabbed the visitor at prince william hospital in manassas. that was just the beginning. wisdom martin has details in the newsroom. >> police say that man was on pcp and that is what led to a bloody encounter with eight police officers, a canine, a taser, pepper spray, and a baton. january 2, around 11:00 p.m., someone dropped a very angry marlin summerville off at the hospital. >> he armed himself with a pair of scissors and stabbed a visitor in the face and neck area with the scissors. >> 6'6", 280-pound man who later admitted he was on pcp was threatening others at the hospital and refused to drop those scissors. that's when police say they shot him with a taser, but that didn't stop him. he walked out of the hospital with scissors in hand. >> officers met the subject outside on hospitalway where
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numerous commands, he was tased. >> again, sommerville was tased and pepper sprayed. >> still no response. he was tased numerous times. canine was then deployed. he was bit by the canine and he literally picked the dog up with his arm while the dog was attached. >> officers used the taser to finally bring him to the ground. >> it was at that time that the officers gained control. he would not release the scissors he used as a weapon. >> the battle wasn't over. he was then escorted back to the hospital for evaluation purposes where he became rather irate again, causing the officers to tase him again. >> finally, the 6'6", 180- pound man was arrested. >> studies have that pcp gives the user the strength of eight men and in this case, he showed it after numerous, numerous use of taser along with the canine
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hanging from his arm, he kept fighting. it could have been much worse. >> now some more about this suspect. he had previously been arrested by police in manassas for breaking and entering a home on december 31. he is from lawrenceville, georgia, and investigators don't know why he was in this area. brian. >> a baltimore man in custody charged with impersonating a police officer and sexually assaulting a woman. johnson was arrested at his home on saturday. a woman arranged to meet johnson in her hotel room. johnson was dressed as a police officer. investigators say when johnson entered her room, he raped her. johnson showed up at the same hotel two days later and knocked on the door of another woman. the fox 5 storm is tracking the winter weather blast tonight. a police officer in winchester sent us this picture. look at all that snow. it is blanketing the ground, making for slick and dangerous driving. meantime, we are dealing with the bitter cold temperatures. sue in the weather center tonight.
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>> that has to be our first measurable snow. >> winchester had it early this morning. they got the most of the closer in areas. when you get toward places like that, they got 5 1/2 inches. a whopping 1 of snow. winchester had an interesting situation tonight where one snow band in particular stayed over them for four hours. they picked up 2 1/2 inches of snow and the police were having to deal with problems on the roadways as a result of that. meanwhile, we are dealing with temperatures tonight and it is mighty chilly. it's dropped another degree since we last spoke. we are down to 23 degrees here in the city. it is 18 in gaithersburg. 17 in martinsburg and winchester with your fresh snow pack, watch out for slick spots. 18 degrees. it also snowed an inch and a half in clark county and an inch and a half in fauquier county. most other places, first of all, i'm not seeing any snow showers and it's all about the cold. columbus 17 degrees. west virginia also down there and the wind is still kicking.
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we have a gust to 22 miles an hour at 11:00 and it feels like 11 here in the district. it feels like 4 in gaithersburg. so, we'll keep an eye on those winds. we are still looking at another cold day tomorrow and overnight low temperatures headed for the mid teens and it will certainly feel colder than that. i'll let you know when we can get the coldest air out of here with the full forecast. >> a robbery in montgomery village, it wasn't the cash the criminal was after. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> the robber that held up a cvs wanted drugs. this is the suspect according to police. his arm in the sling, a bandage around his head. on christmas eve, he handed employees a note. a teenager in a wheelchair hit by a car this morning. it happened in fairfax county around 7:00 on davidson road and symphony court. police say the driver did stop
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after the accident. the teen is expected to recover. and developing overseas tonight as the threat of military confrontation with iran appears to be rising. iran warning the u.s. to keep aircraft carriers out of the persian gulf. the obama administration is dismissing those threats as a consequence of american sanctions which are hurting the iranian economy. >> 25 cents a mile is the new icc worth it? a debate is raged for years, now that's a new study showing where it will be. we'll break it down for you. and check out some of the other stories on the rundown. we'll be right back. dudunkin' k-cup packs are here.
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after a 50 year debate and several years of construction, maryland's intercounty connector opened in late november. despite the relatively high tolls, turns out more motorists are using the icc than planners expected. john hanrahan is crunching the numbers. >> at 25 cents a mile during peek periods and 20 cents a mile, maryland intercounty connector is a pricier than average toll road. they get plenty -- through the use of electronic signs for
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approaching traffic. relatively high tolls keep some drivers away from the icc. >> i could go that way and if traffic was bad, i might take it if it wasn't $4. if there's no reck, i would take my time near the 495. >> probably so, yeah. between gas and all that, it's a little -- right. >> state transportation officials estimate in the early months of usage, 20,000 cars per weekday would ride on the icc. as it turns out, figures for traffic, volume shows more cars than that on weekdays in december. >> i think it's great. get around to the other side of 95 and i use it whenever i go that way. >> an hour and 15 minutes, now it's 35 minutes. i am paying $8 a day round trip. i don't think twice about it.
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>> you like it? >> i love it. >> the preliminary traffic counts for december show 15 weekdays with volume on 25,000 cars on the icc. hit that kind of volume on the new toll road until the middle of this year. you should have an easy pass in your car. according to state officials, 82% of the users of the icc are using these. if you don't, if the state has to chase you with a bill through the mail through their license plate cameras, a $4 toll becomes a $6 charge. so, regular users of the icc get an easy pass. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> another traffic alert. this one in virginia. plus a change in the way you buy airline tickets. back over to laura for your tox 5 top 5. >> we begin with a spike in traffic in and out of alexandria.
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number five, the last group of federal workers is now moving into the mark center as part of the base realignment plan. the building will house 6400 employees. there's no metro stop. worker st either have to drive or shuttle from a nearby metro station. number four, head's up for parents with children. the feds are warning that the shortages of drugs may continue. the fda flames the shortages on manufacturing quotas in order to minimize cases of abuse. number three, a cup of coffee at starbucks will cost you extra. the company is raising prices in the d.c. area. price of a tall drink will go up about 10 cents. the next size up won't change. the reason for the hike, competition and higher costs for coffee and fuel. number two, fewer surprises when you buy your next plane ticket, starting january 26. all airlines will have to disclose all fees and taxes in their advertising. that includes travel sites like
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orbit, when the price is much higher than the ticket price up front. and number one, tensions with iran are causing oil prices to spike yet again. that means gas prices might not be too far behind. the national average for gas is now $3.28 a gallon. it's the highest national average to start off a year. and that is tonight's fox 5 top 5. brian. >> single digits in some parts of the area. >> the windchill is there, and below out in hagerstown. the wind is not quite dying down as much as we hoped it would and we had gusts to 35 and 40 miles an hour. still gusting to 20 and that's noticeable with these temperatures that are so bitterly cold now. so yeah, it's official. this is the coldest air we've had so far this season and you have to go back into last winter to find a day similarly cold. as a matter of fact, we can show you that this today, 34 degrees, the coldest day since
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february 10 of 2011 and this will be the coldest night since february 9 of 2011. of course the big news today, some excitement with these snow showers. in particular, it was this persistent streamer of lake effect snow that set up for about four hours tonight between winchester and really warrenton. it is gone now. that skinny band produced an inch to 2 1/2 inches of snow. out in these regions. especially frederick county into clark county, we want you to be aware there could be slick spots. a lot of problems with some of the vehicles on the road out there, according to the winchester police. let's talk about snow showers for tomorrow. are they in the forecast? probably not. could a spotty flurry pop up here and there? yes. there are going to be big changes. for starters, the lakes are going to see the wind relent. while it will be cold, we aren't going to see the big winds. sun in the morning, clouds in the afternoon. maybe a couple flurries, but
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likely not. and this pattern is going to continue to begin to moderate. we have our cold day tomorrow, but tomorrow night we are going to begin to see the winds change direction and come in out of the southwest and that will start the process of pushing this bitter cold air out of here. next chance of showers, we'll be watching the gulf coast for that. there could be some on sunday, but it looks like this might miss us and pass to our south. we'll keep an eye on that. it's a dry forecast, and it's a cold forecast in the short- term. it is 18 right now in gaithersburg. hagerstown dropped to 12. 2 1/2 inches of snow. it's down to 18. 23 degrees here in the district. so we are headed for a bitter start in the morning. 11 degrees right now in pittsburgh with a wind still gusting to 15 and 20, 25 miles an hour. windchills are real noticeable and mostly in the single digits with the exception of a few spots down to our south. there's that 3 degrees below zero that hagerstown is experiencing tonight and of course it was about a foot of snow as you get out toward
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allegheny, tucker, and preston county. so they definitely got the jackpot snow. but temperatures tonight, we're dropping into the teens and low teens at that for places like gaithersburg. 20 degrees here in d.c. mighty cold. if you need a warmup, have i got the five-day for you. climbs up to 45 degrees. we are back near 50 with a lot of sunshine on friday. a real nice end to the week. the weekend looking good at 54 degrees. maybe some clouds in the afternoon on saturday. and we'll keep an eye to see if we have showers on sunday, but right now with the temperature of 50, we feel like they will be of the liquid variety. the caps were having at it tonight on fresh ice. keeping it real cold here in d.c. your sports report is next. this is your local nissan dealer sports desk in hd with dave feldman. >> good evening, the caps are starting to understand their new coach's system. and the best players starting to heat up. that's bad news for the
11:20 pm
calgary. the defenseman mike green returning to the lineup after mising the last 23 games with a groin injury. caps on the power play. marcus, alex ovechkin beats micka, 7th in seven games. 1-0. later first period, alex ovechkin leading the ice. knocks him down, but he's okay. second period, caps lead 2-1. nick backstrom gains control. to dennis who buries his 7th of the year. their fourth straight victory. >> you see the record when you score first and a great play by jojo and a great finish. it's a good way to start. >> washington killed four penalties and hasn't allowed a power play in nine straight home games. hoops now, and cornell at maryland in a little preacc tuneup. the big red 1-23 against schools in the acc.
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first half off the turnover, the terps go ahead. nice spin move. maryland up 50-0. later first half, to alex. he is good, terps led by 15 at the break. second half, big red. drives and hangs for the hoop. cornell down just 1. 61-60. maryland's next possession, red rattles in the three pointer. the terps hold on to beat cornell 70-62. seven consecutive victories. the terps began sunday at nc state. we're not done. when we come back, skins talk. what does the future hold for trent williams? that and more when we continue. it's the perfect time to find great deals
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welcome back. the eagles are staying. the coach will be back. former skins coach will keep his job in san diego and former titans coach has interviewed for the dolphins coaching vacancy. mike shanahan has a number of decisions to make in this offseason. one regarding his left tackle, trent williams. with the skins and this year was chosen as one of the offensive captains. he was suspended for the final four games of the season. the head coach had some advice for his linemen. >> he has to be smart enough to understand that if you
11:25 pm
disappoint your football team like you did, you better come back with a passion to show people you have the work ethic and drive to do what we need him to do, especially being the draft. i was pleased with his work ethic coming in this year. how he is playing. but he has to prove he has to do it on a day-to-day basis and set the standard for the rest of the football team and our organization. >> tonight the sugar bowl in o virginia tech facing michigan. michigan trails 6-0. 3rd and 17. robinson flips the tackle. and then throws to junior hemming way. bounces off and goes 45 yards to the score. wolverines up 7-6. third quarter, 10-6. back of the end zone and hemming way again. 18 yards for the touchdown. the hokies rallied. right now, tied 17-17 in the fourth quarter. tomorrow night, georgetown hosts marquette. live at the verison center.
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we are staying on top of the breaking news out of iowa. the results continue to pour in. 89% of the precincts reported. you can see as far as politicalled insiders are concerned, it a horse race. mitt romney at 25%. rick santorum 25%.
11:29 pm
ron paul 21%. that is sort of what the polls are pointing to leading up to today's actual vote casting or caucusing. you can see that it's going to be a race to the finish as the last 11% of the precincts come in. all of the results on lili s s idid lili s s m m baba


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